Call Me Maybe – The Chat Roulette Version

Well thought i’d post this for some morning’s entertainment, it had me laughing all night and as laughter is a good thing i thought i would share it!
You’ve just got to watch some of the faces.

The producer Steve Kardynal is a legend! Go check his youtube site out


The New Iphone 5 Speculation

The Iphone 5

Well, less than a month to go supposedly but will we here anything soon about the launch date of the new iphone 5?

If rumours are to be believed the September iPhone 5 release date then we should be hearing from apple in the next few days or weeks announcing a media event.

There have been many pictures published lately of supposed iPhone parts etc, but one thing is probably certain, the new iPhone will be bigger which will be a joy as I do look at some phones and think how the iPhone could do with that slightly bigger screen. Just imagine that 4 inch screen with the retina display, no more squinting whilst watching films or you tube clips.

The only downside is i will have to sell all my Apple accessories if it is true that the new iPhone will sport a smaller dock connector

So what about ios 6? Will it beat ios 5? HELL YEAH!

Who cares if the youtube app has gone, i hardly ever use it and it takes up precious real estate on my home screen. The new 3D maps with turn by turn navigation will be great.

The one feature though i cant wait for is the do not disturb mode. It drives me nuts when i’m in bed and i get a text or an email or a notification at 3am! I know i dont need to look at it  but i do just in case its an emergency. You will be able to set it up so that only certain people or events notify you in the middle of the night.

So the question is will you be selling your first born and queuing with me at 5am in the morning?

Cars & The Crack Habit

Well as promised thought my first page might as well be about cars.

To say I’m a nut about cars would be unfair, unlike some of my mates, but I really enjoy performance cars.

Well my car history has been quite chequered. At 17 I got my first car bought from a local USAF serviceman which was a Toyota corolla estate that had a hole above the exhaust outlet that used to fill the car with carbon monoxide and nearly gas you! That ended up rear ending a maza 626 on a Christmas day! Ooops

Then came the Datsun cherry 1.0 ltr, bright red with 2 cherries on the back, what a car, I loved it but unfortunately so did a lamp post after trying to avoid another car coming towards me.

Then came the 1.6 Astra and then a Peugeot 405 sri which I thought was the bees knees, fully colour coded in Red with skirts etc.

This brought on the thirst for 2 Peugeot 1.9 gti’s, what to say about them, they were awesome, handled like a go cart and would still give a modern car the run for its money! I’d have one now if the right unmolested example came up…..

Then it was time to grow up, along came the diesel vectra, which quite simply was the most reliable car I ever had….. But oooooohhhhh so boring!

Time to trade in and along came the French piece of rubbish! The laguna! It was the worst car I’d ever owned!

Then I bought my first BMW and never looked back. It was a 330d e46 saloon, full leather manual. What a car and what an engine. Pokey yet great mpg on the motorway. Looked great and would happily transport 5 people with luggage.

But little did I know it was like crack cocaine to an addict. Quite simply I couldn’t help myself, I needed more from the BMW brand. Someone told me they did performance beemers so straight to autotrader and out looking I went for what would be my crack cocaine

Then I found it a 2003 titanium silver E46 M3 with 50k on the clock, every conceivable extra full history. That was it love at first sight, took it for a drive and never looked back! That 3.2 straight 6 was awesome. No turbo, fully aspirated 340 bhp all wanting you to get nicked!


Well I had that car for 2 years before the little man came along. With a heavy heart it was time to say goodbye to the car and get sensible. But what to do? I needed that BMW drug, so off to autotrader it was again and found a mint 2005 535d M sport saloon with all the toys again. This was really a 530d which BMW tweaked and added another turbo, heads up display the ish! SOLD! Chuffed to bits, good mpg on the motorway, but round town a little juicy.

This was where things started to unravel, just like a crack addict it just wasnt an M car! So this time I start sneakily looking nearly everyday for an E60 M5, weighing up my chances of swapping mine without being noticed. Huh no chance! Internet history discovered, I was rumbled! Damn, so what to do, I know sulk! Nope that didn’t work.

Well months passed and by chance one day was looking at a BMW approved website and found the next M, a mint carbon black E46 M3 SMG convertible with imola red interior from BMW. Right I thought lets go look, off me and a mate went to see it. Absolutely mint exactly as in the advert, walked away thought for exactly 10 hours about it, went back and bought it. That was November 2011, who buys a convertible in winter? Only me!



Well what a car, was chuffed to bits. To say I’m anal about how I look after it is an understatement. Every and I mean every little niggle she goes back to BMW, it’s had 2 new rear springs, a new clutch, new discs and pads at the front and I’m just waiting on them granting me a new alloy wheel as the finish is going milky. Cost to me? Nothing zero £0! The joys of an approved used car warranty! My local BMW dealer must be sick of me, but I cannot speak high enough of their service manager, he is an outstanding bloke! Probably though, he knows I’m an addict and the warrantys only got a few months to run!!

Come rain or shine its washed and waxed at least once a week and scrubs up quite well. My friends think I’m mad, which I probably am, but hey we all have our little enjoyments and this is mine.

I’d recommend an M car to anyone, but don’t go buying one and think they are cheap. They are a £50,000 car when they were new and although you can pick up good examples circa £8k it’s still a £50k car to maintain! Ohhhhh and there’s 15 mpg round town, insurance and road tax!

But if you don’t care then quite simply you’ve got to try one…….

Well it’s an enjoyment and the addiction settled for the time being although I did find myself today though looking at M5’s again and think that’s a scratch I need to itch, but not yet…… Or……….